Shrewsbury Flower Show

The Shrewsbury Flower Show is the country’s oldest flower show to still be exhibiting on the same site.

The Shrewsbury Flower Show we know today was really only properly established when the Shropshire Horticultural Society held its first show in 1857, just outside Shrewsbury near the Showground at Coton Hill.

Events like this were originally designed to bring business into the town by attracting visitors from the surrounding villages. Today the Flower Show attracts a much wider audience including overseas visitors.

The show moved to the Quarry Park in 1875 and proved to be highly successful and made a substantive profit. The present Shropshire Horticultural Society was formally established in October of 1875, just after this show.

High quality exhibits of Flowers and Horticulture have always been the main focus of the show but alongside the military bands the show has also always provided a full range of family entertainment. Adapting as audience tastes and demands change. Side shows, arts and crafts and arena entertainment all form part of today’s offering and the grand finale is a superb firework display that really shouldn’t be missed.

The Society is a Registered Charity which has a policy of providing grants in support of a wide range of organisations and activities in Shropshire and has over the years provided many millions of pounds to the community since its inception. It still continues to do so to this day.

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