The River Severn in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is surrounded by a loop of the River Severn, the longest river in the UK, which wends its way from just over the border in Llanidloes, Mid Wales, through Shropshire countryside, to the county town of Shrewsbury.

The Roman name for the Severn was Sabrina, and ancient myth tells how Sabrina was one of three sisters, all water nymphs, who met on Pen Pumlumon (the source of the River Severn in Mid Wales) to discuss how they might wend their way to the sea. Each sister took a different route, Ystwyth to the west and Varga (the Wye) away to the south, while Sabrina (clearly the most intelligent of the three), set out on a slow meandering course that led her far into the east, through Shropshire and along the banks of Shrewsbury. There’s a statue of Sabrina in The Dingle in Shrewsbury and boat cruises along the River can be enjoyed on board ‘Sabrina Boat’.

You can walk the tree-lined loop of the River Severn along the towpath, from the Welsh Bridge to the English Bridge (or vice versa). You’ll see ducks and swans, and perhaps even rowers from the local school and boat club as they practice their stroke.

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