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Shrowsbury or Shroosbury?

 in Shrewsbury The Shropshire Star has reignited the debate with a survey of more than 1,000 of their online readers. So, which is it?!

The Shropshire Star reports that Shrewsbury is pronounced Shroosbury, with 81 percent voting in favour of this pronunciation. Click here to read the article.

It is, as they correctly say, a debate which has divided opinion for years. Some say the pronunciation depends on which side of the river you are from: the posh side says Shrowsbury and everyone else calls it Shroosbury. Others claim it is all down to the archaic spelling of the town's name. Shrewsbury began life as Scrobbesbyrig to the Saxons and Scrobbesburh in Old English, before mutating to Schrosberie.

Whatever your view, we're sure it's a debate which will continue to divide opinion for many more years to come!



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