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Jubilee Celebrations at Hawkstone Park

 in Shrewsbury One of Shropshire’s most historic attractions is resurrecting an old tradition to add fresh flavour to its Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In Edwardian and Victorian times it was customary for the tenants and staff of Hawkstone Park in Weston-Under-Redcastle to enjoy Gingerbread and Port on the green in front of the Hawkstone Inn – now the hotel – on July 27th, or the nearest Saturday.

This year, that tradition will be brought back to life for the Elizabethan age on Tuesday, June 5 to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

This will coincide with Hawkstone Park’s annual Rhododendron Walks that allow guests to follow a guided tour around the park’s grounds, taking in all of its incredible wildlife and plant life while learning about its history at the same time.

All of this is free of charge and Roger Whitehouse, park manager at the Follies at Hawkstone Park, is hoping that it could perhaps see this tradition re-introduced on a more permanent basis.

He said: “There is so much history surrounding Hawkstone Park that always generates so much interest when people come to visit us.

“We thought what better way to celebrate a historic event such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee than to look to our own history.

“It used to be a real occasion when everybody connected with Hawkstone Park came together for Port and Gingerbread each summer and we want to recreate that. They would also play a cricket match in front of the Hawkstone Inn, which is now the hotel.

“Each person will be able to dip their Hawkstone-made gingerbread in a chalice of port while there will be lemonade for the youngsters.

“It will be a good opportunity for people to get out and enjoy their extra day off in a quiet and relaxed fashion.

“It would be fantastic if this caught on and we could do it every year.”

For further information visit or call 01948 841777.

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