Shrewsbury Biscuits

Shrewsbury biscuit or Shrewsbury cake 

Named after Shrewsbury, of course, Shrewsbury Biscuits can trace their origins back to the 1500s. A simple basic recipe of sugar, flour, egg, butter and lemon zest, they can be served as small individual biscuits or large enough to be a main dessert dish.

They have featured in plays and writing ever since included in several early cookbooks most notably The Compleat Cook of 1658.

In Shrewsbury Castle Foregate there is a plaque referring to Mr Palin’s Shrewsbury Biscuits and his 1760 unique recipe. Variations have seen numerous additions included in the recipe including sherry, caraway seeds, nutmeg and rosewater.

Interestingly in India today Shrewsbury Biscuits are one of the most popular biscuits in the country where they are produced in the city of Pune, Maharashtra.

Baked For You is a local supplier of Shrewsbury Biscuits, which can be found in outlets and farmer’s markets all around Shropshire. They also supply charity boxes to raise funds for “Macmillan Cancer Support” (registered charity number: 261017).

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